Hollow Earth of Edmond Halley

The possibility that the Earth might be hollow is not a dead theory after all. The presence of caves all around the planet, always leads our curiosity to know where is their border, or where they can lead us. The continuing presence of hollow earth in mythology and adventure fictions, pushed me to Halley legacy. In the seventeenth century, when scientists were investigating the determination of the structure of the Earth, an article sent to the British Royal Society by Edmond Halley contained an hypothesis relating the inner structure of the Earth. Halley believed that the earth contains several concentric shells placed inside one another in the manner of a Matryoshka nesting dolls. Furthermore, Halley proposed that atmospheres separate these shells, and each of them has its own magnetic poles, which rotate at different speeds. More startling he believed that each of these inner shells might support life. Commencing with this article and some other publications regarding Edmond Halley Hollow Earth Theory, this 3D Fulldome movie looks at his theory reception.