Love Seat

While we live in era where the love and passion has no boundary many times we fall in situation that a right choice looks difficult. The idea of my project was to create a car seat with “multitasking” functions. My project is targeting all couples that their love passion is hyperactive, and as result of this feeling the frustrating level very easily can reach the highest point in their body, which as a final result spontaneous sex is inevitable. It can happen everywhere while going in picnic, while traveling or during lunch hour. We should not exclude people that can’t afford themselves to pay a hotel or something similar for making love each moment that they feel to do it.

Make Up and Drive

As nowadays the use of make up while driving for many people specifically girls and women is an inevitable part, I have been thinking about how I can offer a product that can be integrated within the car wheel, and professionally used by make up drivers.

Understanding Our Neighbor

The project “understanding our neighbor” is an attempt to show all the miss-concepts and wrong ideas that people have about different countries. At the same time it gives a chance for everyone to tell us a topic (cultural, historic, geographic or demographic for instance) about his or her country. Under this premise, we will display our work made, mainly in three basic concepts: a way to obtain particular data from people from different countries; different alternatives to create an interactive globe; and how we have developed our prototype, in order to show the concept working.

Understanding Our Neighbor is a project realized by Gentian Begolli and Matias Garcia , a projektmodule in “Interface Design 4 / Interaction and Experimental Interfaces – 30 cm3 – Einzelansicht” – Prof. Jens Geelhaar – Bauhaus Universit├Ąt Weimar

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